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Breathe under water, swim in between all this colourful fishes, float weightless... If you want to experience this, it is time for a Try-Dive.
If you want to get the most out of a say of diving, you can do the Basic Diver certification. With a short training we can take you to a macimum of 12m, and you recieve a certification that is valid for the next 6 month.



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    We give you an introduction to dive theory, and then take you out for your first training session in the water, followed by a dive in the ocean. After a break we do a second dive - you will see how relaxed you are, now that you know already how it feels like.

    More information

    Minimum age: 10 years

    You need to be healthy and able to swim.

    If you want to prepare your experience, you can register at SSI before and get free access to the first part of online training.

    If after this experience you decide to go on towards your Open Water Diver certification, it already counts as a first part of the course.


    Address Calle Mauricio Duque Camacho, 26, 38769 Puerto de Naos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

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